Passenger and Goods Hoists throughout the North West

Are you constructing a large building with a couple of levels? Well it may be tiring running up and down the stairs all day carrying heavy equipment and even some of the piping for water and bathrooms, but if you had a passenger/goods hoists on your scaffold it would make your life much easier. It would mean that your staff wouldn’t be putting their bodies at further risk with heavy hauling items up and down the stairs all day, instead there would be a “lift” of sorts to take the items to the needed floor on the building. Here at BHS Scaffold we can supply this throughout the North West, f you are interested in our Passenger and Goods Hoists and you’re based in the North West, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us, alternatively if you just need some more information on our other services, like our scaffolding, then again please contact us.

passenger and goods hoists

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